Where can you throw waste?

By Esther Aurelio Agira

This question had been in my mind for a long time, and I am quite sure that many of my fellow citizens have the same question, especially housewives. They must have been wondering where and how to dispose home waste.

As a matter of fact, citizens in Juba face a lot of challenges regarding disposal of home waste. It is well known that, it is illegal to throw waste at the road side. Yet I have seen some individuals throwing waste in the river, at the road side, stream, and even in rain water particularly in the market place. If it starts raining, you will see sellers at the market throwing waste into running rain water. These behaviors are unacceptable and lead to water pollution.

House wives are also wondering where to dispose baby diapers. Some sneaked at night to throw baby diapers at the main road so that when the Garbage collection car may come and collect them, and it happened that in the morning they will come to collect it. Therefore, the housewives somehow get solution on how to dispose their baby’s Pampers but leaving the road in a bad status because of the stench.

Some set fire on their home-waste. But the risks are if you are caught by police, two things are involved; either the police fine you or they will take legal procedures against you and it is obvious for wise man to pay fine and stay away from trouble.

The harmful practices of disposing home waste is very bad to our health, it contaminate our air, water, as well as the food we eat. Therefore it is the collective responsibility for everyone and especially Juba City Council to protect the environment from the harmful practices and to keep Juba City and South Sudan at large clean and beautiful.

It is a collective responsibility for everyone in the country to stop those who throw waste into rivers, streams, or running rain water.  By doing so, we can save human being and animal infections which are related to environmental pollution.  Juba city council (JCC) should be held accountable for poor home waste management. Despite the fact that the country is facing economic crisis, yet citizens are also paying electricity bill. Some are managing to pay water bill and even some individuals bought electric poles, this proved that people in Juba city are eager to access basic services and willing to buy regardless of their monthly income.

I also call upon my fellow citizens to act in civilized manner by not throwing waste at the road side. I am quite sure that some of us had seen some of our people throwing waste from car windows and people are not brave enough to stop him/her. Please my sisters and brothers there are drums for waste in the markets so throw your waste there.  By doing so, you will become an inspiration to others.

It is very important to learn how to recycle waste, such as papers, glass bottles, plastics products, food waste etc. Recycling of waste helps protect the environment.

The author can be reached via mobile number: 0921492857

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