Where are we going?

By Akol Arop Akol

Sometimes I ask myself where are we going as South Sudanese? Events that are happening in the country describe the journey is confused and we are blindly walking to unknown directions. We are in times where social media is filled with news about raping, looting, fighting and killing; the innocent civilians fall prey for the powerful ones. Something is cooked somewhere they don’t know and they fall on their necks.

We have heard about millions of dollars and pounds being looted by our corrupt leaders. There is no one who can say he had never heard about corruption cases, but for the fear of the poor civilians of being robbed of their lives, they have to remain silent and keep watching individuals enjoying while they are starving.

The same people (leaders) looting public money could be the ones financing and militarizing   their youths to fight for the interests. Questions like why are youths fighting, who give them arms and what will be the solution to stop all such rampant killings were asked but they go without answers.

Why are youths fighting? One reason why youths may be fighting is illiteracy (empty-mindedness) and lack of employment. Some never gone to school, therefore they still value tribes and traditions more than their country and modern society where people live equally together.

According to traditional beliefs of some communities, people don’t settle issues amicably and peacefully, each treats other community the way they treat others. If they are hostile and sort to fighting as a mean of solving problems, then other neighboring communities respond with hate speech and physical attacks.

Youths are fighting today for their personal interest which when followed; we may get it rooted from big politicians. If they may justify why fighting, they will not bring any good reason. They are fighting for the interest of others based on ‘’positions, resources, pride and recognition for braveness. Time has come where community doesn’t bring up   leaders anymore.

One would dream at night and waking in the morning be like ‘’Wow, I dreamt of being a leader’’ and forces himself into leadership without qualities of a good leader. Any leader has to be chosen by God and the community instead of choosing oneself. Some of our leaders were neither chosen by God nor the community, they are the ones who forced them into leadership.

Other leaders are fighting politically and supporting their youths to fight for their interests, all their intention is to support them to be in power such that they loot more resources.

Pride of being called a politician, warrior or a rich man is driving our youths into power and resources competition. Other tribes are proud of themselves and devalue others, thus when mistaken they don’t forgive but response violently.

The years after independence, are characterized with political struggle that resulted into widespread conflicts which caused death, destruction, displacement and economic fall.

After all the messes, I am asking my country people ‘where are we going?’’

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