Odongo Odoyo

By Malek Arol Dhieu (Guest)

Only a very small fraction of people know education is all South Sudanese need to become stable. With education, even South Sudan can delist her name from the recent lists she was ranked in as the hungriest and the most corrupt country on earth. In which way, one may ask? If you do not know that education is the vaccine of corruption and hunger, then begin to know it from today onward. In your beginning to know, you must go to petrol stations, I mean schools and universities, to fuel yourself with education to enable you to know all the ladders of how best education cures falling nations. Among the nations falling, South Sudan leads, and this should be dealt with as early as today because when South Sudan falls academically, all that she has in her bellies will break and some of them are so brittle and unamendable that their breakage means their extinction for good. Starford International University College had its morale raised to an immeasurable level when it was supported with 12 million SSP during its graduation ceremony on the 19th of Feb this year. To lovers of education who pledged to see Stanford University shining more than it shines now, there is nothing they can be rewarded for apart from praying consistently so that God longs their days on earth. It is only through education can South Sudan be healed and this can be achieved by supporting education financially. If all the money used in organizing conferences to solve disputes among communities is given to schools and universities to avail all the scholastic materials and pay the teachers and lecturers, communal conflicts will stop automatically as those who cause them will get educated to know how destructive conflicts are. Upper Nile University faces financial constraints, how I wish it was also supported with 12 million SSP or so, so that it can be able to use it for smooth-running. Because of insecurity in Malakal, Upper Nile University is seen like it loves to remain here, but it doesn’t because lives aren’t put in jeopardy knowingly like that. Until the security is regained in Malakal shall Upper Nile University return back. Support education so that education supports to you back in nation-building, corruption curbing, hunger eradication and all other hindrances that keep South Sudan in the same height. 

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