When you seek God’s blessing

By Ngor Khot Garang

God blesses people in so many ways.  It could be children, promotions in business, place of work, increment in salary, long life or good health.  But there is a blessing that is greater than the other forms of blessings. It comes from helping other people. When one is blessed with financial success in life or possibly good life. 

They are expected to be a blessing to others too.  We live in a world where majority of people are living in abject poverty. We have people who go through the day without meeting their needs, for some people, 12 hours seems like 12 weeks. These people put their hopes in others.  They think that if they are not fortunate, there is someone outside there who will come to their point of need. 

If you are someone who is doing well financially, (I know our economic situation) remember that you were blessed to be a blessing to others. It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or an atheist. There is a reason for you winning that job, succeeding in that business or achieving that dream. 

It might be that God blessed you with that money or knowledge so that you answer the cries of thousands or hundreds ofpeople who are left behind in the journey of life. Learn to share the little things you have with others. Many successful people in the world today attributed their successes to the philanthropical works they do. 

What do you think is the secret for their continued success? It is the little time they put aside to think of the less fortunate. When we think about others more than ourselves even though we are empty. God will fill and bless us with riches, good health and success after success more than we can ever imagine. 

We have men and women who became rich through fraud and corruption.  And there are people who earned their fortunes through hard work and self-discipline.  But there is nothing that beats a man or a woman who share their food, clothing, water or knowledge with others. They lack nothing as the saying goes “nobody has ever become poor by giving”. This is a super natural richness that will live forever and ever. 

You will find that you are the happiest person alive. It is a kind of blessing that most of us cannot receive; for many of us thinks that, apoor disabled woman or man on street is there because of poor life choices, it is easy to say that a struggling single mother with four kids didn’t have to have kids.

And it’s easy to say those who are living below poverty line are there because of poor life choices. But we forget that God blessed us with success to lend a helping hand to these people. I believe you can still recall   that time when nothing was all you had, those hard times when you expect a Good Samaritan to fall from heaven to meet you at your point of needs. That is the same way somebodysomewhere is looking up on you.

And helping these people by providing food or educating a poor child who has immense potential can bring them happiness and that same happiness would be wrapped upon you in multiple ways. 

If you really want to live a very good life. Don’t think of yourselfalone, if you have something that should be for two people or more, share it with someone who has none.  I don’t mean you stop providing for your family, of-course your family is part of you and you are in one body but am talking of your neighbor or someone to whom life is very sour, bringthem closer to your table and share some ideas together. 

Anyone that you meet who is not of your class, bring him or her up to be like you or somebody. That is the only way we can heal the world, don’t ever take part in the business of bringing others down. Strive to be someone to whom others could lean on, or find happiness. If you can live that life well and use the little things you have well. You will live to have people testifying before you; if weren’t for Mr. so and so.  I would have not reached this destination. Therefore, others will follow the same line and our world becomes a very good place to live the way it was made. 

And lest I forget, you see this column, you probably don’t have an idea about the author. I am just a small creature but I have found my purpose in life. The write-ups and every piece of article you get here everyday are part of my help to the community. I don’t have money but these words are all that I can give to those who are in need. I must make sure that I give my time and energy for the wellbeing of my country as long as I live.

And for your case, it is not something much, share every little thing you have with the needy because that is the only sure way you will receive God’s blessing. You will not be blessed because you have made millions of dollars on the backs of the poor, it is true that money will be useless to you when the time of death arrives.  Make sure you use your money well before it becomes useless. Love and help others regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope and for being part of a community working towards positive transformation of South Sudan. 

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