When you are kind, you are human enough

By Ngor Khot Garang

When I was a little boy growing up in Nimule, I had a friend and his name is not important here, that l had come to love so much. He was as poor as any South Sudanese could be but there was something exceptional about him and this was what I like from him. Despite his meager earning from his charcoal business, he still finds it easier to help those people around him with every little thing he has.

He used to share his clothes with others especially those who were in dire need of support and there was another part of him that I admire and that was his love for people. He always wished others well in life and this personality taught me a lot in this life. Though I don’t know where he is because of motilities of this world where we are forced to change places for survival’s sake, I have learnt a lot from him and I will never forget him as long as I still breathe or even during my last breath.

Through his generous work, I have come to realize that a life lived for others is a life worthwhile and this realization helped me a lot in my fight against stress. Even if I am still a young man struggling to appear above the water, I have to take everything simple and that is a part. As a young child, my childhood has never been what I had wanted it to be. Everything has been a struggle after the other and the struggle continues.

It comes calling every morning and I had to make sure that I stand strong to face the day. Sometimes just because we are human and we are imperfect, I feel like I should never wake up in the world. There are times in my life when I just feel like I’m nothing and this time without any slightest knowledge, I was doing a great harm and I had greatly lost some pound. My weight was no longer what it had used to be. I was losing weight rapidly but when I came into contact with this man, everything about me changed for the better. I am now a practicing writer. I am not the best but with time I can do better.

That is part of life. We don’t have to expect everything to go well with us in life. Things can change for the worse or to a better state but most times, it just doesn’t work. it is just pain after pain and you just get down to cry. That is a part of life. It has never been fair and it will continue like this for a long time but what balances the story is that we are still alive. We can still make it even in the worse of circumstances. I know life can be really disappointing and most times, we feel cheated but that is life and don’t loss hope.

You need to carry on and keep your head above the water even when you are swimming to unknown locations. God is always walking behind the scene and he always rewards those who never give in life. You just need some peace of mind and this is possible when you love people regardless of who they are or where they come from. You must learn to forgive and forget. Your heart must always be clean and trust me you are not only going to be happy but you are going to be fulfilled  person in life  but do you have any idea about what people need in this life? Well, to you it might be money or fame but I come with a different idea. It is not money or glory because none of this will ever make any different. Happiness is what we need in this and it is not through money or fame or anything like that. It can only be found in helping other people realize their dream. It can sometimes be found in doing something for other people maybe helping others in need because this is the only work God want us to do in life.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope… Let us hope for a better and peaceful South Sudan       

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