When political actors become liars

In the recent past and present, almost all South Sudanese have witnessed hopeless lies, nude propaganda, and ugly political curvatures in the country’s body politics and impunity.

The masters of all these tribulations are those political actors who have become liars and lost hope and faith in the system and are therefore hanging on to themselves and their certainties for survival. Other masters of course are those from small elites in the system who are busy looting the state resources at good will.

To some of these political liars, politics is a salt away for men or women with the heart of the mischievous spirit while others see politics as a podium for legal pillage, an arena where stealing is legitimized by the might of those in power.

Analyzing the South Sudan government declaration to eradicate corruption in the system since 2011 after independence, it is impossible to consider that the declaration has made much impact to curb the endemic corruption in this country.

The clear example is the $4 billion that went missing due to corruption between the interim period of 2005 and 2011 and not a single official has been held accountable. This has been a great shame to the system of that time.

The Sentry report released last year too gave sufficient truth for us South Sudanese to believe or not who has looted our country for personal gains.

All this remind us that we live in a country where the few elite in politics scrupulously chase subtle financial insurrection against the state using their political parities as covers.

Yes, I understand South Sudan is young nation but the leaders who are governing it are not young. They are men/women of intellectual minds, have excelled the brilliance of pen; understand morality and honesty unfortunately most of them have sacrificed these beautiful attributes for partisan pragmatism.

Analyzing their minds, loyalties to party interest far out-weight that of the state yet they talk of nationalism and patriotism. Imagine, how patriotic or nationalistic will you be to the state when you have little interest in your own state?

So, infiltration of lies and deceptions into the conduct and handling of state business and other related transaction renders our situation a desperate one which requires immediate attention and action.

We must review some current issues on our political radar now to reshape our home politics because when the political actors continue lying to the public then the mess in this country will become too big for us to deal with in the shortest possible period of time.

Until the populace come together, gasp down the extremes of partisan loyalty and tell these greedy political liars enough is enough and fix the national interest, the ordinary South Sudanese people will remain in what can be termed as ‘modern day slavery and servitude’ working to enrich the greedy few and their families all in the name of some nasty partisan loyalty, many are those whom, out of ridiculous ignorance, are on their way to become martyrs of folly under certain misguided sense of political allegiance.

Let’s all learn and build the decaying moral sphere of our political structure, which is the only path we can genuinely ask and demand accountability, and transparency from the passages of power.

The author, Mr. Joseph Oduha is a South Sudanese journalist. He can be reach through abunabet@gmail.com

By Joseph Oduha


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