When our prayers miss God’s ears

By Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes God just break our hearts for one reason or another and we take it as if we have been completely abandoned and neglected to wallow in undeserved agony, pain and rejection.

It could be that God wanted to save us from certain tragedies that might be lurking behind us like toxic relationships, deaths or diseases.But we seem to have forgotten this reality and we go as far as cursing the giver and finisher of life.

For some people who have been in line waiting for affirmative actions from God and nothing works out, it seem to them as if God has gotten tired of them and inferiority complex begins to engulf them like swarms of hungry locust.

Sometimes we miss the opportunities presented to us because we lost the will power and the drive to move on from the first day our prayers go unanswered. When we imagine the way our world is changing and the fears about the results that will follow after these changes, we get down on our knees and ask God who seem far distance from us and when he takes long to answer our prayers, we locked ourselves inside and blame God for having sent calamities and fail to bring solutions.

When you are being ridden by these negative feelings, it is better you compose yourself and look up to God. Whatever problems you are facing right now are just temporary and they will vanish just the same way they first appeared. The fact that God choose you among the millions of men and women who have not been created is a clear sign that God himself loves and cares for you and he is interested in your future.

I understand that in your heart, there are wishes, dreams and goals that you want to be granted but why does it take long for these to enter God’s ears? Why is he not quick and pokerfaced? Why is it that when we need him, it becomes hard to see some signs of his presence? These questions at time begins to involuntarily finds their ways through our mouths when all the things we have asked for hit the ceiling and fall on our heads.

You might have waited patiently. You might have worked hard and you might have given your ultimate best in everything and prayed earnestly with all your hearts and souls but every things just ends in disappointments, pain and heart break. This is common with many people and it does mean God has forgotten you, it just means certain things just take time and space. To wait even when you can’t see the end of the road is hope and hope works miracles. It has raised ordinary people from the dust and made them kings and queens. Those that were believed to be nothing.

When we see the world today and how far it has come, we forget that it has passed through some of the worse disasters of it is times but it is still the same world we know and it has never changed.

Human beings are like that, we go through some hard situations and only the strong hearted comes out much stronger than before but the weaker ones go with strong force that comes the wind.

The world is going through one of the most catastrophic era in history. The fears of the corona virus are threatening lives globally and almost half of the humanity has lost hope. There is completely nothing we could do than to hope for the best.

In the news and these causes even more panic and hopelessness, we watch and read about people who are dying from the virus and this tends to drain our little energy we could ever muster. However, it has brought some people closer to God. This shows that God is in full control and that his plans can never be underestimated. We have to be well assured of a better world that will come after this corona virus.

God fights on our behalf daily even when we do not know and going through these hard times does not mean he has stop caring for us. We need hope more than anything this time because we have seen that the scientists cannot bring any change, the stronger nations have failed and pastors cannot do anything. Let us cling on to our God and things will never be the same.

Maybe these strange happenings are pointing us to a new dawn, the arrows could even kills as many people as they can but we have to be strong and wait for the next turn. The days ahead can be very hard or soft based on how we perceive life. Let us see life as a sexually transmitted disease with 100 percent mortality rate. 

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