When life hurts

By Ngor Khot Garang

As a young boy, I grew up with an imaginary world where everything is automatic. By this, I simply go by the term possibility. I didn’t know that life was harder than this and I was very wrong to do that. I thought that everything was given on a silver platter and I was prepared enough to enjoy this life but little did I know that it was an imaginary world. I wish I knew but what difference does it make now?

With the daily struggle and constant fear of the unknown and of the future. This is very frightening. Will I really make it in this life? Is God really there that he will truly lift me out of this pit? Does God have a purpose for my life? And you can’t even understand. Most times, we get down on our knees to pray and to ask God for solutions but it keeps on getting harder.

Our plans and little dreams dwindle every single second. It is a school fees problem, a young man walking with his hands on his head with sad face that describes the complete agony of having to go through this life without anybody to back you up. On the road is a family man talking out his problems for the whole world to hear as if he is mad. And on the other side of the road is a single woman with tears in her eyes, a strong woman to describe her true nature who has been strong for quite a good number of years to raise her three children and life remained cruel to her. It is a very painful life and it will remain so until the world comes to an end but we should not despair even when all seems to be working in reverse. We must not stop appreciating the fact that we are alive and there is something in store for us.

It is normal to feel as if we are defeated. It is also a part of life to cry over problems because every problem comes with pain and heartbreak but what we should not do and it is what I call one of life’s greatest mistakes is to press the give up button. I know life will bring you down on your knees. It will cost you everything until you are completely left with nothing.  You will think about suicide and godly part of you will ask you to continue swimming to unknown land. You will try everything with failure as the ultimate result but keeping your head up in the midst of difficult times is the only help you can do for yourself.

It is not a crime to have nothing but the only crime you will pay for the rest of your life is giving up on yourself. The challenges are there and they will be there forever but this should not give us the leverage to simply give up. It is hard and we know that but we must climb those bumpy hills and call on God to give us the strength to go through and I have always lined behind this belief that God is always there for us and not against us.

Sometimes we look at ourselves as people of no value or that we couldn’t amount to anything but that is not true. God is there and he will always be there for us. And to you who is struggling in life. I know it hurts but it doesn’t last forever. When you feel like giving up. When you feel like your world is falling apart, remember why you exist and why God breathed life into you. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself. The people around you and I mean those that you compare yourself with are nothing because they are humans and you all matter to God. When things are not going on well in your life, don’t concede defeat or loss hope. You need to be strong and put on the armor of hope because God has a plan for your life. You have to be happy that you are still alive and it makes me wonder what comes into your mind when you think about people who were not so lucky. Many people have gone unfulfilled and others are still losing their lives on daily basis but you are still there. Be grateful for what you have and celebrate your life. Things will be all right sooner or later.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope…Let us hope for better and peaceful South Sudan.

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