When leaders betray

By: Akol Arop Akol

Once I heard from a local song, an artist sung that it is a common nature of politicians to lie and do everything to convince people to trust and vote for them; they have manifestos that would make the voters think the services would reach them one by one or that each of them would have a share from the leadership.

The leaders (politicians) sometimes are ambitious; some of them need fame, power and resources. Therefore, when they have some in-put capital for starting campaigns, they may win people’s attention. And due to our misunderstanding of leaders, we just rush to select or elect someone incompetence who has no vision or mission.

If people to be led are wise in choosing their leaders in the beginning, then what make them regret for the choice they have made later in future? It is because we choose people to lead us based on physical appearances. Those who are smart and talkative, rich and handsome or beautiful are the kinds we rush to elect not only in South Sudan but the whole World. That is why most of the countries are facing problems in politics and economy of the country.

If we have trusted someone and gave him/her a chance to lead, we should then back them up. No human is perfect but people being led think like when a leader represents them, he or she should always be smart and perfect without mistake which is not the reason. We have to correct them.

Among those leaders, we have close relationships with them; some are our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and friends with whom we once lived together in school or met in random occasions.

We know them well, but can’t we advise them and tell them that betrayal of people who voted for them is weakness to their leadership and can even lead to their failure.

We have given them enough time to implement their manifestoes, yet many of them have betrayed us. Leaders are like diet, we don’t eat the same food everyday even if it is a chicken that people eagerly wish to enjoy because it is delicious.

It is the same, if you choose to cook, it will cause stomachache or if you rapidly eat the same food you will have poor health and growth. I hope we understand the narration here.

The leaders can never regret problem themselves because they did not come to power alone. It is us who preferred over the other and trusted them to lead us.

However, we have different motives for electing or voting leaders; some think that the leaders will help the whole country while others believe leaders would contribute something back to the community or specific family that raised them.

Others only hope that once their friends or relatives are promoted they would have chances for opportunities, and if their expectations are fulfilled based on favourism and nepotism-line, that is inhuman because other people who are not related to these leaders have no chance.

We must make sure to choose good leaders with perfect qualities either through appointment or voting. Failure to see active, creative, positive and productive leaders we always leave us in suffering.

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