When down, get up and try

By Ngor Khot Garang

As young boy years back, I was growing with this belief that people all over the world were the same when it comes to meeting their needs. I didn’t know that one has to work really hard to remove his names from the list of those who were going to remain mired in abject poverty. I thought things were okay and that anyone can succeed without the pain of having to work hard but as I age, I realized that I was completely wrong and that realization brought me to the point where I forgave myself without second thought.

Though I have not seen much in this life, the little I know with what I have been through has shown me the true picture of the real world that I need to know. The signals are crystal clear that nothing completely makes sense in this world. But what truly makes the difference is how we play our cards and how we help ourselves up when we are down. It is true that this life is more of an adventure than what we think it is. It will take you different places, church, shrine and school but still and to your greatest dismay, you get little or lose your life in the process. And there, like torrential rains, comes different questions: “What have I done wrong, why me always, why the world is so cruel or does God even exist?” And before you get answers to these questions, life punches you down and leaves you with no choice but to just remain down there.

This however, with many other blockades is the reason why many give up few miles from reaching their desired goals in life. Almost all the people in this world have got something in common and that is a drive to achieve. But in contrast, each one is driven to success based on the way they carry themselves and how they handle the problems they meet on the way. This is to remind those who easily give up that there is no such thing as an easy road to success. Things ought to be very tough and that is what differentiates us with animals. We need to ask God for something, we need to try and we need to be always up for something and that is where our purpose lies. Sometimes I don’t know what you think when you see those who amass public funds to develop themselves.

They have good houses, cars and their children are not within the country. When you see as a young man or woman who struggle each day to survive, you begin to feel ashamed of yourself and wish you were one of them for one day or two so that you have a taste of those goodies of life, but if I’m being honest with myself, I can say that you are better than those people who milk the country for personal interests and if you are still doubting. I can break it down for you to fully understand what I’m trying to say. These people are enjoying the money they didn’t sweat for and the little something you get on daily basis or at the end of every month is you what you sweated for.

You have spent sleepless nights praying for it, working for it and that is the difference. You should rather be happy that you are using your hands work not for killing or stealing. You are just safe wherever you are and with the kind of work you do, even if it is sweeping people’s compounds, if is working as a gateman, if it is cooking for somebody, it is all work and you must be proud of it but the only thing I must encourage you never to do is to expect someone to lift you up when you are down. That kind of a world doesn’t exist and you may be very unfortunate if you think we have a world like that.

Though there are some points in life where we expect help from other people, this is a part where nobody not even your brother will bother with you. Everyone is trying to get himself up and wishing if anyone could come to your help is just a shot in the leg because there is absolutely nobody who will do that except you.               

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