When all is lost, hope remains alive

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Sometimes we may feel life has dealt us a raw deal and we have to carry an unfair load. We think and contemplate and try our very best to understand what it is that holds us back.

In our relationships maybe we have been married for three years or so and no sign of a child. In business we stake our capital to start something small only for everything to end in disappointment.

In school we may not be doing well as others and the fear of the future begins to well up within us a bit by bit to the point where we only drop the playing cards.

These negative feelings are common with us especially when we are longing for something such as change in life.

Those feelings continue to haunt and scare us even today. It is sad that we don’t believe in tomorrow when today is not what we want.

In life, there are moments of joy and moments of sorrow. We never know that today may be the moment of sorrow and tomorrow may come with the change we want.

The earth rotate and we have been taught by science to believe that. Why then should we give up when we know how the world works.

It is true that what you are going through or what you have been through somebody has already passed through it even when they couldn’t believe that they will make it.

Sometimes, it may seem hard to wait for your efforts to produce results when it is truly not.

Efforts takes years and moments of hardships coupled with pains to produce the best results we want but if you are someone who easily gives up it would be hard for you to turn things around.

I cannot assure you but if you wait patiently and play your cards well, it will not take years before you reap your harvest.

You have to stand up today and claim your baggage or whatever that you want out of life because you have what it takes. And the first step to doing this is to tame your fears such as the fear of tomorrow and the fear of failure.

The family status and the environment where you come from have no effect on your success. It all depends on how you see yourself and how you react to situations.

When you take the world as a place where one has to pay the price to climb the success ladder then nothing will ever deter you from achieving your goals.

We have a God who always stand with us in every situation though there are times when we feel forsaken and forgotten, we still have every reason to believe  that God always expect the best from us.

We are in the darkest ages and it takes courage and motivation to trudge through the rough roads of life.

We may wait in life’s long queue without any hope of being served but we must keep waiting while chasing our dreams because God’s plans are better than man’s and this means that we have a reason to believe in what the future have in store for us despite challenges or the smoke that cloud the future.

It may be easy to give up the fight after this or that but one thing we should understand is that life is not easy and it requires us to patiently wait even when the light ahead is so dim and the road with potholes.

We need to first understand the painful experiences of men and women who have done some interesting things in the world.

If you have had the chance of being addressed and told by these people how they struggle when it was unknown whether it would shine or rain.

We would be convinced that it does not matter what we are going through or the difficulties surrounding us, if we are willing to work hard.  We can beat the odds and change the destiny.

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