When all else is lost

By Ngor Khot Garang

As a young man struggling to survive and also to put some of my dreams in place, I know some people are also pushing hard on the other side of the game but it is not easy and they are almost giving up.

They want to stop struggling. They want to throw away their playing cards. They want to stop pretending that it is working out when it is truly not. They are tired of life and want to stop trying but if you find yourself among these people who have been trying for so long and it is not working out, am here to tell you something different.

I understand that life is hard and choosing to move on amidst difficulties can be very disheartening. It can strip us off our hope. There are certain times even when we are weak to stand on our feet where we try things knowing that we would enjoy at the end but instead, we get disappointed and life push us back to a farer zero level. In our families, we are not happy because of poor relationships. We feel cheated by loved ones. We do not have something to eat and our children are sick and we have no money to seek medical attention. Everything is just not right. The future just look dark and no coloring that can point us to a new dawn that things would work out. When we woke up in the morning, we hear people mourning and surprising news of someone maybe a young person who has just lost his/her precious life. In the busiest streets, we find young children begging for something to eat and we begin to ask ourselves the crime we have committed as human beings to deserve all that we are going through. But that is life and it will continue to be like that. Certain things should and must always be accepted just the way they are and one of these things is life itself. It is complicated and tempting at the same time but it is a gift to us and God knows the purpose for which this gift was given no matter what we are going through.

It can never be refuted that life has always been like that even before we came into existence and the problems we are facing right now have been faced and overcame by people like us. It can be hard right now. You can cry now and feel as if you are forgotten but it can also change with time as long as you are still alive. What matters a lot is hope and determination when life is very unfair. The young people who take the country’s crises as an excuse must refrain from this negative mindset and try their own very best to change their lives. The country’s problems have nothing to do with one’s personal life. We hold the key that can unlock all the closed doors and it is our responsibility to choose which path to follow so that we reach that destination.

It can be far however, but that is when we are not prepared enough. We learn from others and there are thousands of young men and women outside there who just woke up in a very rough world. They found themselves mired in a painful world. They had plans and dreams that they want to achieve but they get disappointed and I hope there were times when they almost gave up but they remained strong and pushed through murky waters until they became who they are today.

Why can’t we learn from these people and use their success stories as a source of strength and inspiration? Why can’t we stop crying and see what the future holds in store for us? Don’t stop what you are doing because of that hardship that you are going through because at the end of that pain, there is something meaningful and this should give us hope and a better understanding of this kind of life. We can never understand what this means but in everything we do, there is always opposition and when you refuse to give up and push very hard, you will up  wake up one morning successful and you will ask yourself how you made it. You will run in excitement to let the whole world know that persistence is what really matters in every hard situation especially when one want to turn the other side of the coin.             

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