When a 60-year old man still talks of future?

By Malek Arol Dhieu

Future is a funny English word that refers to something that will happen in moments yet to come or the possibility of surviving at a later time. That means future begins with an hour ahead from the very moment one talks of it.

If future is understood in connection with life expectancy in South Sudan, then a 60-year old person or so is right to reveal his/her dormant future plans and begin to act on them as he/she has crossed the bumpy roads of life.

Life expectancy is a bit longer in other countries of the world because of their advancement in healthcare systems but shorter and shorter still in South Sudan because of underdeveloped healthcare systems and rampant killings.

The future is begun in different ways and believe me or not, these ways are smeared or coated with dismay, torture, assassination, discrimination, segregation and eventually death. Brave people begin their future by revolution, others begin by being servants in palaces, and some further an already-set future while a majority of people begin by education.

Future starts as a dream but the environment we are in now cannot even allow one to narrate his/her future dream in the morning and start to chase it unless other dreams, but leadership dream, even the brain refuses to recall it in the morning as the brain knows it is troublesome.

Having a brighter future is not easy especially in a country of silent competition like South Sudan, it needs one to work in private but one thing about the case is, steps of brighter future are noticeable and yes, they cannot be hidden for long.

A few gifted people whose futures can be foreseen now are in jeopardy and this brings me to an understanding that a beggar whose future begins and ends with begging is the only free person as every future step is deathful. That means having been envisaged to have a brighter future later predisposes one to a lot of troubles so that this future is cut short, that is why the competition for future begins right away at home as the father and the elder son always quarrel over family issues and then, goes out to work places.

Youths should understand that contents of brighter future are acquired from seniors or bosses by politeness, a polite youth never tells his/her senior or boss that you are lying but suggests that if it is me, it should be done this way or that way, by doing so, the senior believes in you and begins to teach you with an intention of pairing you with him/her.

The future is built like a house, it must have a strong foundation for it to have a strong roof, and for it to stay longer, it must have occupants to monitor it on daily basis. So whoever is setting a brighter future is like a goat herder who never rests in the forest controlling goats alongside him/herself.

To create a remarkable future requires one to have an experienced supervisor who is neither a quiet-natured person nor a talkative person but a mixture of the two as future does not need too much quietness or too much talking, that is to say, it is like broth, it can be spoiled by too many cooks. The environment in which future is created can also be put in to consideration as it can hinder or promote future according to perception of people around that area. Most of the years spent during youth hood are the right years for creating future and legacy, then leave dormant until the period of your life when you are neither young nor old, that is to say, between the ages of about 45 and 60. At this wantful age, you have created unbreakable linkages with futurologists who know all the ladders of future, and on top, you have shown your offspring your foot prints so that when you kick the bucket as a result of the aforementioned ways of future, your genetical offspring can further your career right from where you stop. But when you start chasing your future young and unmarried, you seem to have been embarking on a solely desperate journey where your story remains untold until the end of the earth.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba. He can be reached at ourbankiscow@yahoo.com or +211922332811.

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