What’s the difference, previous and current National Taskforce Committees?

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

President Salva Kiir, dissolved the firstly formed High Level Taskforce Committee chaired by himself following his wise statement that politicians must step back and allow health professionals to devise possible ways of fighting COVID-19, and formed the new National Taskforce Committee chaired by H.E Abdelbagi Hassein Akol, the Vice President responsible for Service Cluster. Well, maybe H.E Nyandeng De Mabior might chair the next National Taskforce Committee. The genuine reason here is to wet their dry bank accounts with monetary donations funds that meant to fight Coronavirus. All the new members of the National Taskforce Committee are politicians because any constitutional post holder is considered a politician. What makes the matter worst, they are not politicians of one interest rather they are politicians of different interests, each was baptized differently by the name of corruption, nepotism and rebellion. More importantly, they are politicians of different denominations whose strategies for curbing COVID-19 will always run parallel, because they will never leave their personal and political differences and come to unanimity. The saying goes ‘the first reaction is usually the correct one’, the first High Level Taskforce Committee, since it was the first of its kind, should have done a lot of pugnacity against COVID-19 before the next Committee came in so that it gives them little furtherance. My fear is, what made the previous Taskforce Committee failed is going to make this new Taskforce Committee fail too, because it won’t be corrected. I know South Sudan leaders hardly further the work of the previous leadership, simply they don’t aid themselves in carrying their crosses, each one has to carry his/her own cross. I tell you even the ‘hated Jesus’ was helped in carrying his cross. I feel pity for the newly formed Natiinal Taskforce Committee for being brought in at a very critical time where the virus has already unfolded its true colors. This is the darkest phase of the virus that needs to be given full attention like one of the wars fought in South Sudan. It is a one-sided war where the enemy is invisible but has a few traces, if targeted, can be killed.  Coronavirus has already found itself a very conducive environment to stay and this will slacken the growth of the country politically, socially and economically. Coronavirus may be a regime-changing disease, since it badly affects the elderly ones but it broke out in a breathing phase between war and peace or war and another war where little hope is restored. It is very unfortunate that the coronavirus outbreak coincided with peace implementation in South Sudan, when the country is about to breath and gains back the depleted energy lost during wars. Nobody is sure whether or not it will be a durable peace but a few traces show that this peace is significant in the sense that, even during the signing of CPA, nobody flew to Rome so that he had his/her feet kissed by Pope Francis or whoever in charge then. Now, anybody who dishonors the agreement will be ‘him’ versus God.

Now, it is as clear as crystal that it is Coronavirus that makes changes itself. Brave people are rewardable, the First Vice President publicly declared his COVID-19 status and this educated the citizens on his relieve as the Deputy Chairperson of High Level Taskforce Committee. One vivid statement he forgot to say was, ‘it is up to one to announce his/her COVID-19 status or not’ so that citizens with high degree of understanding would envisage that there is a very big problem revolving within the former High Level Taskforce Committee members. Considering their proximity during 54 meetings at Pyramid Hotel, one may badly conclude that nearly all have the virus. This virus is so aggressive that it can’t be hidden, few days to few weeks, we shall hear different stories. A roaring lion never kills people; therefore, the current National Taskforce Committee should be very watchful of their own health by knowing all their statuses before attempting any step toward Coronavirus control. I know things improve during the first one-month, a new person is brought in simply ways of diverting resources are yet to be established. The newly formed Taskforce Committee should instill new policies including courtesy when it comes to awareness and announcement because everybody is considered COVID-19 patient, and a patient is handled like an in-law, especially a patient suffering from a disease that has no cure. One untried policy is the hosting of a recovered patient to any media house to give testimonies and clarify the ear-piercing false information that a COVID-19 recovered patient never reproduces again. I dispute it myself, what is the connection of a disease that mainly affects the airways with reproductive system?  There are a lot of fabrication about Coronavirus.

I wish the newly appointed politicians of National Taskforce Committee a good trial in controlling Coronavirus aka COVID-19.

                      The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811.

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