A country’s economic development is pegged on a number of positive approaches which should be the yard-stick and cornerstone in all aspects of growth. This is how and why Kubri or the main Nile Bridge should be considered as one of the aspects of economic development. One, it is the only in and outlet to the capital city Juba. It plays a major role with all heavy and small traffic in and out of the country. That should be left at the mercy of repairs for whatever reason cannot convince or justify traffic movements in which forms the basis of import and export apart from the national airport supplementing the operations. For this section of the bridge to remain un-repaired this long is not doing good to the country. Man-power and time wasted cannot be computed to mean positivity. The result is always negative. Whatever, the reason(s) the bridge should be repaired to ease the in and out-flow of commercial and private traffic that uses this important Juba-Nimule road. So many theories being advanced cannot be of any meaningful agenda for the economic development. Priorities should be put right on responsibilities to safeguard the interests of the Nation. Time spent in waiting to cross on foot or by motor vehicles must be of relevance and importance to the country. Not a waste. When the section was noticed to have been damaged, there were some experts who promised that within a period of 40 or so days the spare-parts required would have been brought from abroad for the repairs. It has taken like more than that time times. What went wrong? One need only to witness what is happening there in the morning and evening. It is pathetic and those responsible are not coming out to tell the public the real reasons for the delay in repairing the damaged bridge. This is not very healthy for a developing country.

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