Editorial 21st June 2018

It is a matter of National concern ever since the conflict broke out. The International players also joined in the peace restoration process which is the hope of every South Sudanese in and out of the country. This is a fact which cannot be denied going with the crying voices from all parts of the country of every one. This is why expectation was and still high towards the Addis Ababa face to face meeting of President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Dr. Riek Machar to bring in the beginning of the lasting peace. It is our concern just like everyone who cherishes peace that time was up for continued hostilities against one another who can sit down among themselves and chat the positive way prosperity and socio-economy rebuilding of this country. Cry voices are evident that the citizens were tired of this unfounded and unproductive conflict. After crisscrossing the borders to foreign lands since the outbreak of the crisis to talks sense into one another, delegates of both major conflicting parties, stood back to give room for the two political leaders to meet and give the blue print for the start of the restoration of  present and future program for peace. For all who love and cherish peace, let us all support the initiative and pray that the meeting will change the dimension and direction of the present situation which has plundered the growth and development far this long.This is the hope of all. For those who are pursuing this noble cause. They should not give up and start resting now. Whatever, the outcome between the two leaders, the collective work of rebuilding this country has just started and the success would be witnessed only after all inclusively participated by taking their potion of responsibilities to the positive fold. This is how peace can be achieved within a minimum period. Let us all work towards this goal.

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