By Akol Arop Akol

Maybe you have listened to motivational speakers’ speeches and felt like there are really people at the other parts of the World who faced rough temptations and lived in poverty and pains of any kind. You might have also listened to stories of people who struggled from zero to hero level. The most common lesson in every documentary made by motivational speakers is “don’t give up.” But can’t you give up when you submitted more than 100 applications but didn’t work out and you were not even called for interviews? Will you not give up in trying to your business when no one supports you and when collapse? If in also heartbroken many times, will you really have courage or a pure heart to love and trust others?  Things or people around will not be easy, but don’t give up.

Don’t lose hope

Life might not be favoring at all. You sleep sick and hungry or oppressed by those with power, but you have no energy and capacity to get what you want. You cannot have voice to ask for your right, so all these combinations will make you lose hope, that’s giving up from trying.

Don’t be blocked

If the owners of the road decide to block so that passengers don’t pass, you don’t have a right to complain because you don’t know who created it. Life is not yours, and life itself belongs to the creator, that means you only carry the spirit and soul that God has given. Life is a journey and has paths with many checkpoints where you will be stopped and taxed. While walking it, you will fine rude and merciless people who will treat you bad with intentions block your started visionary journey and kill your dreams, don’t get blocked whether by people, things, or unpredictable situations.  

Don’t Stop Believing

Those who succeed didn’t just have night dreams and next day find everything around them, they believed in themselves and did everything it takes to be successful. When asked, to tell their life-stories they will talk about sleepless nights, no rest, many failures and people’s discouragement and enmity. But because they knew what they wanted in life, they closed their ears, ignored gossip, dedicated their time, put in energy and worked day and night till they finally made it. Such people are the role models today, but guess if they surrendered how would the world be today?

Don’t stop the Struggle

People who sit to wait for parents’ or friends’ support and those who go out with empty hands to struggle and come home at least with a kilo of sugar for tea, flour or meat for children’s food are the true examples of hard working people or strugglers. It is better to be seen struggling to make your own money than to act smart and rich when your source of money is immoral.

God expects his people to work and He gives energy to do so. What if they use given ability to steal, rob and kill? That’s against His will. These 5 Don’ts will help you create your own journey that will lead to the destination of tour dreams without anyone or anything stopping you.

This Motivational Writer is advocating for Peace, Youths Empowerment and Human Rights. He is reached on +211924652692 or via Email: akolarop211@gmail.com or check “Hunting for Change” Facebook page.

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