As South Sudan Oil expo is due to start this week, the question that remains here is what would the stakeholders, business community and the common citizens expect from this conference? According to the article which appeared yesterday in Juba Monitor, the Ministry of Petroleum has indicated that the production of oil in the country has reduced by about 20,000 barrels per day due to the impact of coronavirus pandemic. It is true that the disease has already weakened the country’s economy forcing many institutions either to scale their work load or have even suspended some operations. If now the pandemic has impacted all the work progress then, would there be any solution to improve the situation of oil production? Or what do we expect the Oil expo to do at this juncture when things have been disorganized by the virus? Will there be some new strategies which would be used to overcome the current low production of oil in the country. If so then let there be some steps to explore new ways of addressing the challenges facing the oil sector at this moment. Or otherwise “survival for the fittest” would be un-probable. The giant companies within the OPEC and others working together with the body should be responsible and come up with ways of boosting the oil sector which at this time has been robbed by the emergence of coronavirus pandemic. It is better to take risks of sustaining the oil production amidst the fears of the disease than to die off from both sides. Thought the expo has been done several times, however, little has been done to address the issue of effect of the oil production within the areas where the oil is produced. This time, let some talks be projected to the factors that contribute to lack of companies operating in the area not maintaining the environment clean from oil poisonous byproducts.

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