A foot for thought

What weekend activities you participated in?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Many activities that occurred during weekend were good and others were bad. Among the good were social gathering like wedding occasions, birthdays and others. Deaths and funeral prayers of those who died during the time of lock down period due to Coronavirus Pandemic. If you didn’t attend to one of the above mentioned, thank God because some peoples didn’t rest during the weekend. They went to several dead places of relatives, friends and colleagues.

The cases of dead were too many these days, people died with different types of diseases in different ages. You can ask yourself why things are happening in such manner, is difficult to get the answer. If you understand bible, you should know that dead came after Adam and Eve when they failed to keep the promise of God when they were put in Eden Garden. God has given them instructions of not eating the fruit of the tree that He had told them not to eat.

Today our failure came in different ways, for example if a doctor told you not to eat certain types of food; you don’t the instruction of the doctor, at the end it would lead to death. If you are drinking too much, doctor said stopped drinking any type of beer, because of your health history,you don’t listen to the advice of the doctor; you cannot live for many years. Too much drinking of different types of beers candestroyorgans in the body and your health remains poor. Such situation is common in our society.

The other is lack of prayers asking God for the right way. Of course, system of prayers required strong faith in order to have power of God in the body. It is not a matter of praying every day but you praying in faith,are the most important. Are you keeping the Ten Commandments of God in your lives, like one of them says don’t kill, are you not doing criminal act in your lives. Are you living in Christian’s way or Muslim faith?

All those questions were asked to lead good lives on earth. However, these could be some activities of weekend you had but there were many according to what individuals hadin various areas.

May God bless us all.

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