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What to Know about late Bishop Lukudu(Part 2)

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Dear readers of Juba Monitor and the entire people of South Sudan as I said in part one of my story published yesterday that I will write information about late PaulinoLukuduLoro as I can, during the time I know him and worked with him at the Diocese in Juba. To continue from yesterday’s point that late Bishop Lukudu struggled during the war between Sudan government and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) when he was already Archbishop in Juba.

In 1992, it was a critical time when the SPLM entered Juba, many people became Internally Displaced. Catholic Archdiocese of Juba was one of the places that accommodated many Christians. There were no activities only hearing the sounds of heavy guns. It looked like there was no government no life but Bishop Lukudu was struggling to protect people and supplied them with relief. He was the one who brought the food items plus plastic sheets and distributed to people in Juba.

The issue of salaries not being paid in time started long time ago, what helped people was relief brought by Bishop Lukudu. Even in church schools, part of the food was given to teachers so that they continue work.  And others were being cooked for students in schools. It reduced hunger during those years. Suffering of people in this country started right from the time of liberation. Several people may know Bishop Lukudu during peace struggle but he paid price right from the time of liberation.

Many people were arrested and taken to the white house in Juba, others survived because of Bishop Lukudu. The good things with authorities those years, they respect the church compared to the current situation where churches are destroyed, otherwise people should not live in church compounds.

Late Lukudu managed to release some youth and Christians from the white house in Juba. Many people are alive today because of the support lateLukudu made. Number of priests, Brothers and Sisters were ordained under the administration of lateLukudu. BishopLukuduhas done enough on earth compared to others, he will be remembered from generation to generation.

Nevertheless, certain people remain strong in faith because of him, as it was announced that his remains was expected today to arrive from Nairobi. Let us receive him in peace, because he is a peace maker. However, many church personnel are expected to attend the burial which was planned to take place on Friday 9th of April.  Among those expected were Cardinal Gabriel Wako of Khartoum Diocese, Bishop ErkolanoLado, of Yei Diocese and many others to come today to pay their last tribute to the icon Bishop Lukudu.

This is from me and many people should testify to the citizens of this country about what Bishop Lukudu did during the critical situation in the country. Throughout peace talks, Bishop Lukudu participated to bring people together.

Still you can learn a lot from the next story as I dedicated my column to him within these days of mourning.

May God bless us all.

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