What this moment requires of us

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Our world is full of troubles, ranging from little to broader ones. They can be personal, communal, countrywide or the world over. Somewhere, they start as personal, grow countrywide, and eventually, they become a world-wide problem. They are of many causes, forms and impacts. But, note that, health related problems have registered the worst ever in this world’s history. In the 1920, the history records, Spanish flu, is killing hundreds of thousands, especially, in the European continent. Others of the time, I will not mention, there are numerous of them.

But see this, as an African, I will never forget the Cholera, Ebola and Malaria. These three, have killed an Africa, more so, near to the Africa living. However, for us in this country, Cholera and Malaria, have claimed many lives especially, from communities along the Nile. And unfortunately, until now, our science and government have done little to rescue these communities. Clean water, mosquito nets, and other requirements of a healthy living, among the Nile-stay communities, are insufficient or so, lacking. This is the challenge, our government and science, should get a solution to.

But though, getting a solution, seems a myth, and to me, near to impossible for now. Why? First, we have a‘’ don’t care’’, government. A government that cares less about knowing its duties, and their probable execution for public interests. Second; it is corruption that leads to lack of funds, for improvement of health sector. For instance, our country is unable to do-away with this disease called malaria, which almost every country across the world, has found a solution to. Just a matter of importing the drug, and making it cheaper for all to get access to it. Malaria-cholera issue has, for this matter, our economy to solve.  Strong economy brings science on board, but, it requires a strong government to have equally, strong economy.

And note this, to me, as science is good, equally, it is bad. How? Science gives birth to what nature has not born. Take for instance, the viruses. Most of them, are born in labs and then, raised in bodies of innocent people. I have a feeling that, this virus (the Corona virus), might be of this decent and creation. And this draws a line between good science that generates solutions to natural problems, and a bad science that creates problems and for a year, two or more, struggles for solutions to them. Their help necessarily inform of a vaccine, comes after an immense loss of lives and money. We would not wish that this, ’science without humanity’’, becomes more routine and part of us……if it so be, it may one day cost the whole humanity, an extinction. We pray that this happens not though. However, what things must always matter a lot should science without humanity triumph and bring to life, their negative outcomes on us? Let us assume the current situation is as of its working. So, what is the moment requiring of us?

At hand, it is good to acknowledge that science needs humanity and should it fail to have it, it involves an external actor to counterpoise the situation. There needs government to intervene in quite a number of ways. True, the science world might have intentions of any form, ill-intention inclusive. But we do not wish that equally, our governments can be. And so, there are two things that this moment requires of us; government-citizenry bond needs stronger atoms such as transparency, accountability and true communication. This triple bond is so important especially at this moment. We need a taskforce that is true to the country; uses the donations for the virus fight rightly, and should there be dissatisfaction with some members such as mishandling of funds, selling of material donations [masks and so forth], the country’s laws will have them to ask and punish justly and fairly. A taskforce that communicates to citizens, real situation and measures, they should take to prevent or so, control the spread of the virus is among things, the situation requires of us.

Secondly, inter-country bond is important. Who knows where the vaccine will come from? Not only that, even true nature of the disease, and the measures which should be taken, who knows the science that will come out to tell us the right thing? (Note that, up to now, there is a controversy over the nature of the disease). Others say it is cardiovascular, while some group terms it, a respiratory disease. This is a story for another day, but, it should ring loud in our ears that, we need to create if we lacked them, strong relationships with all nations of the world. With this, communication about and rescue from the virus shall be made easier.

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