The incident where the SPLM/IO on Monday stormed out of the meeting organized by the ceasefire monitoring body, CTSAMVM in protest of the alleged attacks on their forces by forces alleged to be from SSPDF. This should be treated as an issue of greater concern. The future if critically looked at from the political point of view looks bleak and something must be done before it is too late. The parties to the agreement should put the interest of the people as the first priority and iron out issues that bring them into one accord. The country has come a long way and it has been one problem after the other. The SPLM in opposition has a role to put on the big shoe and call spade by its names, not as a big spoon. The SPLM too should not put on an overlapping cloth. There should be transparency and a common enemy that the two parties must fight. The political divide and man-eating man’s business would only bring the country back. If there should be competition between the two parties, it should be a race to bring peace and end the suffering of the people. There are a number of problems that need to be addressed keenly for the greater wellbeing of the people of South Sudan. The education sector is in tears in need of rescue. It is the same thing for the agriculture sector, the dots have always failed to connect and the economy of the country is down flat on its belly. The government must look into these matters of concern and find ways to satisfy the interest of the people. It is true the boycott by the IO came as a misunderstanding between the two parties involved. The party is small, in this case, people’s interest must come first. 

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