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What should be the impact of free visa from Uganda?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It was good news to learn that Uganda government had waived free visa to South Sudanese from the first of October, 2021. It is going to strengthen bilateral relationship between the two countries, especially in terms of trade. What was not clear was the response from South Sudan government.How is it going to be?The duration given to them was one month which is not far for them to respond either positive or negative.

 I am sure this visa would benefit the two countries in many ways. Otherwise, Uganda government would change their minds, citizens from both countries would go back to the old system, which was to pay for visa at the border point.

 Many Ugandans were bringing their goods for sell in South Sudan and several South Sudanese have their families in Uganda.They were paying during visit from time to time.In addition to that, some parents have children studying in Uganda.Every term, they pay visitto those schools to see the condition of children.

 In terms of business, many traders would be happy and it would improve their businesses. The first country which issued free visa to South Sudan was Tanzania followed by Kenya and now Uganda. All those countries are members of East Africa Community (EAC}. One of the aims for having free visa could be to strengthen relationships and improve trade between those countries.

I hope South Sudan would continue improving security on Juba Nimule road as it was agreed by the two governments some days back. However, the matter of security would be considered as one of the first priorities that makes agreement become effective and would continue for many years. Still, the condition of COVID – 19 Pandemicremainsa challenge.It needs serious implementation of protective measures at the borders.

South Sudan government had made lockdown sometimes back but for Ugandagovernment, it continued for some months due tothe situationthey were in.Nevertheless, it is not only COVID – 19 Pandemic, there were other diseases in African countries like Ebola and people were infected through border-crossing.

Therefore, individual countries should prevent their citizens based on the rules set by the government in the country for preventing the spread ofdiseases.

May God bless us all.

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