What should be our president’s measuring stick?

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

National service of any state is so vast with much more administrative points or levels. For countries such as South Sudan, there are states which are headed by governors. The coming to power of governors for democratic nations is basically by vote just like the president. Our country until December 2013 had this system. Governors could be voted for. Now it is not. But who should we blame? We lay our blame on the civil war.

However, as in any crisis, there is always an alternative solution. Without elections, moreover, with no definite or set time, the leadership could not keep the elected governors in power when they had their respective failure in the states. Some had failed to bring peace and beyond to their states. In this way, our country became autocratic. Most of the powers were given to the president including appointment and relieving of state governors until countrywide peace and stability was to return. This was a positively driven idea and for the sake of positively keeping everything going, it was to be effected and made available until that time. Now the time, though near, is yet to come and perhaps, the president is still having his powers. He can put to or remove from power governors of all states.

And then, one would ask, are all interested people fit for governorship positions? And if not so be true, what should be our president’s stick? What, at this time, should our president consider in the people he is to put to power as governors of states? Remember the transitional period is less and both parties to the agreement will want to have more votes should the elections come. However, winning more votes will prove difficult when the time comes. The party which will so have more votes should have been the one whose grass roots leaders for instance governors will have acted the acts of peace, unity and prosperity in their states.  To get this kind of people, the presidency should never bring the people who once became governors or the likes and later registered failure. In other words, looking to anyone’s past performance should be the basis of this coming appointment.

The other consideration that the president should make is educational background and broadly capability. In this complicated world, one way to prove capability is education background. Educated ones though not all of them tend to do better and more effectively than the uneducated ones. With education, one learns that all people are important at their levels [which is the basis of success] and that through unity and peace, we tend to be more important and successful than when alone. Uneducated ones little know about this and if our president loves and wants this country successful, scrutiny should start basically with education. Often times, the educationally unfit tend to be tribal, self-central and broadly corrupt. They create divisions among people. This all, we do not want at this tough times.  It was, is happening and until the governors are appointed, we will know whether the division is ended or not. Our prayer is that the division and inter-communal clashes end. The kind of governors appointed by the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity will have this fate to determine.

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