What reason(s) why public health institutions should lack water

Sometime we expect too much from the Government when we can do it ourselves. In this country water is plenty and no one is supposed to miss this colorless commodity. We do not want to go into nitty-gritty of clean stuff, but want to say this country is endowed with robust natural resources including clean water from River Nile. This is where we put our full stop when reports are coming out that some health institutions were going without these precious requirements. Is it money for managing these institutions or what? For a simple take, there are hundreds of water tanks moving from one point to another in this country, more in Juba. We have bicycle and handcart water vendors. Still we have families that notch a living out venturing into domestic water on their heads and in containers. Why should we not find alternative instead of subjecting the sick young and old to man-made water shortages in hospitals. This is the back seat these hospitals and other key development areas have taken and are not utilizing the available Nile Water to the maximum. What we are witnessing today in the name of hunger could not have been there if we started harnessing the river and rain water for crop production through irrigation and other developed method. The cost could have been very minimal and loss of life avoided. I have been prompted and provoked by the situation reported at Al-Sabbah Children Hospital in Juba. Mothers of patients have complained they do not have water in the hospital and have no access whatsoever for their sick children being nursed or admitted. These scenarios have on several occasions been reported at the Juba Teaching Hospital apart from other health institutions. What are those charged with management of these institutions want done? Health is considered “essential service” in all situations and cannot be washed away. These people should be able to prepare alternative before the occurrence. They should not wait until the institutions are hard hit and the patients become venerable to outbreak of any disease within their own backyard. This time my friend SaTP concurred with me saying it is not only water but even basic drugs which goes missing from time to time in these institutions. SaTP went further to claim that drugs meant for public institutions were being diverted for private sales in private pharmacies and drug stores across the country.  He stunned our sitting by revealing out his find. He had pretended to have been sent by one of his medic friends to buy certain drug. He was not to believe his eyes when what was brought to him was one drug suspected to have been taken away from one of the public institutions. This could not be the same case with water which was abundant in the rivers in this country.

Topical Commentary With Odongo Odoyo

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