The order passed by the Chairperson of South Sudan Business Union (SSBU) body is a good nod to note as vital move. However, the question the public would like to know what measures or mechanisms will be effectively used to ensure that all prices for the commodities are reduced drastically without excuses. Many at times orders have been passed but there is no implementation come what may. Such statement amid crisis if not implemented would turn into lack of leadership strategy to approach situations and find amicable solution. There is a tendency in South Sudan that whenever prices of commodities increases due to currency fluctuation in the market, the traders will never reduce the prices when the rates drops down. They cling on the new prices without minding the effects on the common citizens. The order declared by Ayii Duang Ayii together with Central Equatoria Chamber of Commerce Chairperson, may not be effective if proper plans towards reducing the prices is put in place. The National Chamber of Commerce should as well come out with a set prices tags. The prices tags for each commodity should be designed then given out to all traders whether national or foreign. The cause for parallel prices in South Sudan is the weakness of the business leaders in the country to jointly work as one in order to address the challenges facing the market today. There is no time traders in South Sudan have reduce prices for the commodities in the market once there is any changes due to floating prices in the market.  Are there clear guidelines in place as to how the traders will have to reduce prices in the market? If not, then the order would sound just like a verbal speech with empty commands therein. Easing market prices is the desire for the common person to sustain life not tycoons and exploiters. Let there be a sincere will to solving this matter as soon as possible.  

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