A foot for thought

What is wrong with South Sudanese politicians?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This question goes to all politicians and political parties, especially for those who were in the bush fighting and killing themselves.  The issue of fighting is becoming too much in the country among people of different tribes.  I was wondering when I heard that clashes erupted between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army In Opposition (SPLM-IO}  under the forces of the First Vice President, Dr. RiekMachar and those allied to the Kitgwang  Faction led by  General  Simon  Gatwech  Dual.

According to the report published in the newspapers, it said that the fighting started on Sunday 26th of December 2021, which was still a Christmas celebration day. It has made me remember the conflict between SPLM-IO and SPLM in December 2013, which made the people of South Sudan have a bad Christmas celebration that year.   

Why do political parties like to fight during the Christmas season, destroying the peace of people on Christmas day? Killing innocent people on the date of joy. God is not happy with such kind of fighting. Even if you have the right to fight, was Sunday the right day for fighting while Christians were praying?  On the same day, they turned the birth of Jesus to be sorrowful as families were mourning for their dear ones killed in the clashes.

However, it is better to recognize Christians’ events not to do evil things that reflect a bad image to the country. On the other hand, it has given a bad sign to the year 2022 where people predict it a better year.

Some months back, there were fights in Tombura County, and up to now, there is no total peace yet in those areas.  Again, another fight started in the Upper Nile area, what is wrong with us, why do we like fighting and killing? Let us take the culture of fighting out from our minds if we really want this country to be stable and to progress.

We cannot continue fighting from year to year, we need to respect the commandment of God that says ‘do not kill’. But still, people are killing themselves.

May God bless us all.

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