What is traditional Marriage

Elders discussing bride’s dowry (Photo by Martha David):

By Martha David

Marriage is about equality and diversity. It’s about joining the two equally important and diverse halves of humanity represented in men and women. And it’s about forming a lifelong bond—for the good of society and the foundation of the family.

The creative capacity of the union between a man and a woman links marriage to family. A man and a woman give themselves to one another, and from that, a child is conceived and born. This forms a family, and it’s where children first learn how to interact with others. Marriage and family, therefore, are the foundation of society. But when culture fails to respect and promote marriage, countless individuals, particularly women, children, and the underprivileged, suffer needless emotional and material hardships.

Albert Tongun Antony an elder said traditional marriage is the foundation of the marriage that takes place in the Church or Mosque. Tongun explained that traditional marriage solved the internal part of marriage where by the old ancestral system has to be followed, then it brings out the blessing and it’s the same blessing of the sacrament in the Church.

A traditional marriage involves payment of the dowries, the approach between the two families respected in the society.

Antony added that marriage starts with traditional marriage which later leads to wedding.

Francis Ladu another elder experience the traditional marriage when his brother got married. He explained that traditional marriage is important because people are following their ancestral behaviors and cultures.

“Traditional marriage is the way forward to stability in the society because it has got a sort of understanding and compromise,” Ladu explained.

Ladu urged parents of the bride not to consider issues of money because the most important thing is to look in to security and future of the marriage.

Francis advised the youth who have not yet gotten married to understand it’s their rights to get married and to have a family.



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