Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I had visited the Pandora box world and was wondering what this heck was all about. There were so many answers being floated to me in the face and in the mind

I chose one and tried to understand the myth of this magic word that had turned the world upside down. The word l had associated with, it was simple don’t open Pandora box just like don’t open a can of worms Long time ago lam told there was an old woman somewhere in the white-man’s land who carried her box everywhere and could not open it then one day it happened and what followed became part of the on-going myth synonymous with bad or negativity.

Opening of the box by Pandora brought many miseries on one side and hope and aspirations on the other side. Previously, life was very monotonous there were no troubles now, the troubles and challenges made the people to work for happiness. It is a process that once begun generates many complicated problems. ‘These policies might open a Pandora’s box of inflationary wage claims’. I had to go back to a post my lovely sister in law Olga sent which said in part “I sing the mighty power of God and the wisdom that ordained the sun to rule the day. Oh God you are perfect and you deserve our praise”. I started wondering why all evils made far away from us was brought back to haunt us as a continent. Are we that a bad a people that we have to be associated with all evils. I am not a defender of wrong-doers or support malpractices, but the race in which a black-man’s issue is being magnified and accelerated beats all logics. If there was time again to tell the heavenly creator, l would have to ask why so many bad things are being associated with black-man. In most cases the devil is portrayed black even that bad thing said to have cheated Eve in Eden. I agree that people who are wrong should be penalized according to the law, but must they only be black. Mega cases of mismanagement have been reported in the west but not with the magnitude they are being reported when a black man is involved. May be one day sooner than expected we shall come out and report with magnitude wrong doers in the white man’s land and they are many only that the law seems to be bent where they are concerned. I do not want our issues to be decided in foreign-land when we gave competent institutions within and around us. External forces should let African issues be their own because even if they expose whatever it is, the remedy would only be found within and among ourselves. Truly, it is time to have our own self sort-out  whatever it is that we must do. Time is now. 

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