The Government should heed the call by the Vice Chancellor of Juba University, Prof. John Akec to solicit for fund to inject in the institution before being prematurely closed down. This is the second time in less than a month that Prof. Akec has pleaded with the authority to come to the assistance of the institution and other higher learning public colleges in the country faced with imminent shut down due to lack of operational funds. What is generated as tuition fees falls less below the expectation and the budget. It should be a cause of national concern bearing in mind that the future of the country lies heavily on the products of these institutions. The academician and his colleagues are not just seeking attention or favor but telling the country the danger ahead without adequate and effective education. No country can grow without foundation and the foundation to invest in is education of our youth. We cannot leave everything to our development partners. Even if they were to come up with whatever help, we have to start showing what we can do ourselves. The important point is that there is no money to run and manage these institutions. We are privy to cases of other public universities and colleges. The truth which must be faced is that there is no money and these institutions relies more on tuition revenues which has been found to be far too little. While the needs are paramount, the institutions should also start thinking of venturing into revenue generating projects instead of tuition as a long term plan of action. The method has worked effectively in some of the neighboring countries. We must agree that with the little recourses from a single source, oil, coupled with the current economic situation, the Government may be unable to meet all the national financial obligations. We all need to have short and long term solutions to enable us move forward, Prof. Akec included.

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