Reports that more than 2,000 South Sudanese refugees are in the cold after their shelters had been demolished by Khartoum Government is of concern and a first solution should be found to help the situation. Both countries have diplomatic relationship which should be harmonized for the betterment of socio-economic developments. It is right to move the refugees away from the main City Centre for reported cases of hospitality abuses but there is always a way of doing things in civilized manner. Since the two leaders are scheduled to meet in Khartoum sometime this week as it has been reported in the media earlier, may be one of their agenda should cover the fate of the refugees who have found themselves in awkward situation. They need assistance to have something over their heads for the rain or sun. It would also be the concern of the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and other players to take it upon themselves to help in solving the matter. It will augur well if the refugees themselves take the lead by being good example to the host and stop getting involved in trade businesses or matters that were of concern to the hosting authorities. They are well aware why they are in the foreign land and should be well concerned with their return to their homeland. While awaiting for this time to come they should be peace ambassadors among themselves and the people hosting them. The action in itself is cruel because some considerations should have been put in place for the continuity and safety of them all. We trust that the country’s ambassador is monitoring and following the development and should be briefing the appointing authorities properly while also seeing it that those without shelter get something. The envoy should not leave it to the UNHCR and other players alone.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


This time our friend went too far in justifying his action. He had messed and one could see it all written in his face. This is what happened when a well coiled project failed. Well coiled because no one knew about it except the “holder” who in this case happened to be SaPT. Our friend was under the thick and thin razor-blade and wanted immediate recourse of a barber. This was not a simple and joking matter. We all feared to meet our top-man who was fuming and spitting fire. He had summoned us to remain put even if it was midnight until his arrival. From where we could not question and then he came when SaPT had just left the premises. And the thunder was directed to someone else. Why did this happen? Who is responsible for this mess? Find out and discipline him immediately. In our skull of thought, we have been cautioned that when the boss thunder you do not answer back because doing so would anger him/her more. We allowed him to release all the salvo and when he went quiet and saw the sense to reason we told him what had really happened. You see SaPT had purported to have been on a special assignment with the blessing and knowledge of he had cheated his way into doing what he was not supposed or required to do in the end he had passed wrong information to the boss which the boss also passed to other bosses above him only to turn out that most of the information he gave the boss were incorrect. In a nut-shell he had created a chain of lies which was unacceptable and which were harmful to the consumption of the bosses. This is how he got a shortcut to have to be appreciated only the truth to be discovered as “not being very true”. In our midst we have people who behave like our be-spectacle friend. They will have no thorough check of their facts before uttering or passing the message across. These are known in the world mingles as “professional liars.” These categories are people who are stone-faced and who can come out of their demanding situation still stone faced. They know it all but who cannot make things move or work. They like riding on the back of others. They are afraid of being themselves. SaPT was obviously not alone there are others like him in our midst and society. The boss left but the issue with our friend is not over. We are kneeling down so that the boss can have mercy on our SaPT.


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