A foot for thought

What is in your mind?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This question is big you can have many answers for it because people have different ideas for this year. Others planned a long time ago, for example, this year they may think of having joint families to support them in the future. Others may think of traveling abroad not thinking about the issue of the COVID-19 Pandemic. So many ideas come into the minds of people on what to do for the year 2022.

But be wise in your plan, don’t think of something that you cannot be able to afford. Think of possible ways to overcome some of your challenges in a good manner. You should have a target point for your achievement in life, if you are a woman, what is your main plan to develop yourself, the same with men.

Don’t have a bad idea which cannot help you and your relatives. If you do well, the reward is to you and your families and vice versa. Live is schools and temptation, you can take the right things or bad. It depends on the way you see how you can manage yourself.  Based on the environment you grew in and the education you had during your youth time.

In such a situation, parents should be careful about the areas where they are living, if the environment in your area is not conducive, it is going to spoil the future of your children. Move to a better area that cannot affect your families and the children.  Of course, nobody needs bad things to happen to his or her family, have a good plan in anything you are doing.  At the end of the day, you will produce good results for the family and the country at large.

Let us be people who have good plans for this year including a plan to have total peace in all parts of the country. It is we who can do good and bad, better to choose wisely so that we leave a good legacy in our families and the country at large.

 A country that developed had started with a good plan; eventually, they developed and become better in the world.

May God bless us all. 

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