Odongo Odoyo


According to the steering leadership committee, it was stated that the dialogue has given people at the grassroots level chance a great chance to air out their deep grievances. They stated that “the people have spoken.” So therefore, up-to this juncture as the conference is ongoing for the next fourteen days, what should be expected from the lengthy discussion? I could gauge as this will be the last conference for the dialogue, the attention of the South Sudanese is very high waiting to hear the final recommendations. As the agenda is expected to summaries the concerns raised during the previous three conferences conducted in Bhar El Ghazal, Upper Nile and Equatoria regions. Those concerns should not be neglected, but rather should be recognized. Everyone is eager to hear fruitful result which will appease people from their accumulated grievous. We don’t expect disappointment. South Sudanese citizens have undergone numerous challenges that happened as a result of long war in the country. It is good to note that the national dialogue has given people the opportunity to express themselves. As such the politicians should listen to the voices of the local people. They should not consider their demands more superior than the one of the common person. If people demands are not taken into account then we should expect chaos to continue.  It is a very awkward behavior if the leaders oppress and undermine the needs of their own people. One of the purpose why African leaders fail to lead nations in a peaceful manner is because they do not listen to the needs of their people. A powerful nation is led by the citizens of that particular country. This is because the leaders of those respective countries lean on the ideas of the citizens. The government at this time should respect the views raised by South Sudanese people. Whatever that will come from the national dialogue conference should be respected and recognized as it is the will of the people of South Sudan.  The call as known to everyone in the country is aim at having a better system of governance that will give people chance to practice their democratic rights.   

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