What is expected from Juba-Khartoum bilateral talks?

Odongo Odoyo

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Any bilateral talks that bring opportunities between any two countries in terms of service delivery will always be welcomed and appreciated by the people of any society.

Likewise, South Sudan and Sudan that was one country before shares many important things which would always benefit the two countries especially improving the economy.

On Monday, South Sudan delegation jetted to Khartoum -Sudan to attend High level meetings on border security issues and trade resumption between the two sisterly Countries to follow the number of cooperation agreements that were signed in 2012.

According to the delegation, the bilateral talks will be centered on how to handle the issues of cooperation, border crossing and the remaining issues of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement as well as many other issues between the two countries.

The other issues include the river transport, remittance of pension benefit for some of South Sudanese people who worked in the north before.

According to my own perspective, all the issues mentioned to be discussed in the meeting between the two countries would help South Sudan in terms of employment opportunities and economic recovery.

Because if transport system is improved especially the river transport, it would boost the trade between the two countries as the movement of goods between two countries will commence hence will enable traders to sell commodities in reduced prices.

In the other hand, if it goes the way as people expected it is good news for the young South Sudanese who are looking for jobs in government institutions because pensioning the elderly South Sudanese from the government pay roll would give a space for the Ministry of Labor to give chance for the new graduates to be recruited in various government sectors.

As citizen of this country, there is need to revisit the 2012 protocols that parties have signed in Addis where Border security protocol was separated from other Trades, Banking, Freedom of Movement and opening of four corridors of Renk, Bentiu, Timsah and Merim of Kosti.

But most important for South Sudanese citizens is that let our leaders implement the Revitalized Peace Agreement in letter and spirit to pave way for development to happen in the country especially the insecurity issues along the borders and within the country.

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