Something is brewing within the tax collection body, the Customs Service in the country. It is unfortunate that some officers were transferred from the department in May last year and since then their fate still hangs in the balance. They were supposedly transferred because of corruption. Some of the them have valid arguments that if they were corrupt why take them to another government department. Are they not supposed to be investigated and charged if offences are preferred against them? Worse still, of the said 400 “corrupt” officers, only a fraction have been relieved while others are still in their previous domain. The top or those in charge should tell the country why someone who is already labeled corrupt should be taken to another public docket if the vices were to be fought and contained in the public services. Something seems not to be right and someone may not be telling the real story as it should be told. The President is leading the war against corruption which has remained a thorn to this country for so long. It should be noted that the war can only be won if collectively fought, not by selection or design but true commitment. Customs departments and other revenue collection organs should be in the forefront clear like and transparent with the mind of being accountable to the public. They should follow the required operation rules which could help generate the much needed revenues for the development of the country, more so, at this time when a number of shortfalls are in the offing. The country can only achieve its mandate of service to all if all and any revenue directed to the public coffer was properly managed. Whatever, is taking place at the Customs department must be brought to a halt and the institution let to do its noble task  of collecting revenue for public use.

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