The trend in which the print media is going down is worrying. About two years ago there were almost 15 daily newspapers all inclusive published daily and giving the general public information of what was going around them globally. Right now these have reduced to less than four publications. It is true that the economic instability which has been experienced could be among the causes. It is good that the Media Authority stepped in to help harmonize the relationship of the print media and the printers. But since each business is privately owned, the furthest they can go is to remain a regulatory body. Questions abound are how can the print media industry be salvaged and brought back to its feet. Is there someone who can come out with permanent blue print to save the situation? The industry jointly with other media outlets must come together to find out what was going on. This is a situation which should be arrested before it goes out of hand, because there would be a terrible end to news-flow, meant to inform, educate and entertain the public. The growth of the media industry is also the growth of the economy with reference and fresh exchange of information across the borders. The media industry and key players must come together and jointly find out what was ailing the industry and how it can be saved from the current nose-dive to death bed. It is time media practitioners and journalists talk with one voice to find out exactly what was and continued to ail the industry because they both risk losing. In a developing country media plays a major role in opening the eyes in the society. If this is not achieved then there must be reason to worry. We take it that the media industry will take its pace of development in the country and not to be left behind. It is important that the issue is tackled now not tomorrow.

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