At one time the Juba City Council (JCC) ordered that empting of sewages be done late at night when people are already in their houses. This ordered worked for some time but things changed. What is not been made public is if the order was lifted since those draining the waste do them at will even at day time in and around the city. The smell that is emanating is terrible, particularly in the residential areas. A number of city bye laws are not being followed, reasons why the town cannot be managed properly. The bye laws should be effective and those violating them be punished. City hall is known to be coming up with some orders meant to improve the standard of the residents but those charged with implementation do not make follow-ups. Most of the sewage and garbage collected end directed towards River Nile which is against environmental regulations. It is posing danger to the general public who are using the river water for domestic needs. The administration at the high office are people with national and international exposures who understand very well how a city is to be run and how to keep the environment habitable. Why the city fathers are not doing the needful remain unknown to the residents who are faced with moribund of problems. There are technical people heading different departments who should not wait for the political appointees, who are themselves just policy makers to come and do their implementation work. Indeed the residents who are tax-payers are getting raw services from City Hall. It is time for the officers at the helm of the capital city to take their work seriously and serve the residents. They should also be honest and make follow-ups to the past orders meant to keep the city habitable. Drainage and waste disposals should be done at appropriate time that do not inconvenience the residents.

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