What have you done?

By Akol Arop Akol

At your age and in where you are living now as a son or daughter of South Sudan, what have you done for your people and the country as whole? I wish you one day thought of becoming someone who can do something for the progress.

The question is not to categorize or judge who is working hard or lazy, who is poor or rich, who is educated or didn’t go to school.

I am just asking you the way you are, the young and old, civilians and leaders. As a citizen in village, town or somewhere abroad, either you are in school; working or idling at home, what is that something you are sure that you have done so far?

You may say you are young or too old to think or do something positive for the country and her people. But let me ask you as a citizen.

Are you patriotic and nationalistic? Would you still love the country and her people despite the suffering that affected you too? Would you still have the hope that one day this country will have different good stories created by her people including you?

We might be putting our eyes on the Government to do this or that, yet forgetting what we are supposed to do as the people of this country. It is stated in our National ID that a citizen is entitled to all rights in his or her own country. It means, having this identification can let us demand and contribute something for own good and for the welfare country.

Expectations on the leaders as the builders of the country should not prevent us from doing our part. We all need to work. We cannot sit idle and wish everything goes well. We must wake up early and go to learn and work because these are the two things that can let us change our country.

The development is through pen and the hoe, meaning cultivation and education are fundamental tools. In this modern world, we are after food and knowledge but even if we see people struggling in different ways, the ends meet.

The wars or political conflicts are based on struggle for limited resources that necessitate human life. So when we see leaders struggling politically or militarily, they want the rights for their people. They want to liberate their people from discrimination, inequality in opportunities and kinds of bondage enforced on them by the majority.

After achieving an independent state the citizens are expected to build their country. Contributing to the peace building and the physical development is a national role but does not need everybody be in public office.

It is all institutions and professionals that make change. A driver, cook, Carpenter or Blogger are also professionals if they can produce quality work.

Everyone must put in more efforts to make sure that his/her work is effective for oneself and for the country. Citizens need to dissociate from public affairs because that is not the only way of earning a living. They must create their own businesses, earn money and contribute to development.


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