A foot for thought

What does Valentine’s Day mean?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There are so many definitions on what Valentine’s Day means, some people say it is a love day, others sayit’s a day to make yourself happy with your loved one, a day to send gifts to the person you love and so many definitions among the above-mentioned points. The most important is to know the day is targeting which group of people? Is it meant for mature people, children or elderly people, this needs to be understood very well? I said this because children under 18 years old were talking the language of valentine, what are they going to do with a valentine. On Sunday I went to the market, I found many red flowers and people were buying them including children.

I think children didn’t understand the meaning of valentine, or they understood it wrongly.  We need to put them right and explain to them that valentine is not for children, it is for mature people, who understood what is love and able to conduct themselves.

Otherwise, there is a misunderstanding on the term valentine, it would bring bad things among children. Several of them were asking their parents and guidance to give them money and go to celebrate valentine’s with their friends. Not only that but to go in one of the hotels which is not for their standard.

On Friday in a funeral prayer of late Louis, Mayor of the Juba City said there is no any gathering on valentine’s day. Any person, who tries to organize party for valentine will face the charges.  Mayor said it so that parents should be able to control their children in the families. I know other children are notorious, they cannot listen to their parents but need control from police or lawful people.  I wish a happy Valentine’s Day for those who celebrated, it will increase their love and reduce the challenges they are facing in love. For example, broken families can unite in love and bring peace and harmony to others.

  May God bless us all.

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