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What does Pope’s visit mean to South Sudanese?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the announcement made by MserLonut Paul Strejac Charge D’ Affairs apostolic Nunciature in Juba, South Sudan Vatican Embassy on 4th March 2022  said that the Holy Father Pope Francis of Roman Catholic  Church is going to visit South Sudan from July 5th to 7th, 2022. What does it mean to the people of South Sudan and the Catholic Church in particular?

In the same report published in the newspapers, other denominations were invited to attend the press conference and government officials.  It means the arrangement of His coming is not being done by the Catholic Church alone, other denominations are going to participate which is a great achievement to all Christians in South Sudan.

Pope Francis coming means a lot to the people of South Sudan, he is coming to see the situation of the country, continue blessing leaderships, Churches, and the people of South Sudan at large.

People have been waiting for Him for a long time as he visited neighboring Nairobi, Kenya, Kampala, and Uganda last year.

Some Christians from South Sudan went to Kampala, Uganda to attend His programs which benefited them a lot. I don’t know whether there are people who would come from the neighboring countries. His coming is a blessing to the people of South Sudan and the neighboring countries which may join South Sudan in the prayers.

People may think July is far, but for this program it needs early preparation like songs and other arrangements. Whether other denominations are going to participate in singing is not known by the Catholic Church administration in Juba.

However, Pope called leaders of South Sudan sometimes back, washed their feet and kissed them and that showed His love to the people of this country. Not only that He participated a lot in bringing peace to South Sudan and continued advising leadership to leave conflict and advocate for peace.

That is the heart of a leader who needs good things to people and loves South Sudanese. We need to pray for the visit and cooperate during the arrangements.

May God bless us all.

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