What do we get from tribal division?

By Akol Arop Akol

One of our problems that we have when settling our political differences is that we don’t handle them professionally and ethically. We always bring hatred and cultural beliefs into national issues that need modern political and economical approaches.

For the sake of peace and unity of our people, it is not time for fingering or pointing at anyone for being hostile and exposing what they negatively think. We all can see things about leaderships or communities going wrong and we have to bear with the situation. The reasons we should not mention people or community doing particular bad things is to build peace that was lost for years, little by little, the country is going to be built and broken hearts will be healed.

The same slogan should be a song to every South Sudanese. Each and everyone will be expected to make a contribution of what will establish a great nation. A great nation we want is where we have peace, happiness and freedom of speech. It is a country where people are treated equal without humiliating or exploiting the minority because they have no power.

Some few politicians, Activists, humanitarian workers, youth and children have hopes and plans for transformation; they have vision of a great a South Sudan. In years to come people will be concerned with new innovations and competing in terms of economy, politics and culture globally. In 10 years to come, the children will not be thinking about running from guns but they would be singing while going to school. These are the dreams and wishes the young generation and we all need to nourish together.

However much the pioneers try to encourage the hopeless and the heartbroken young generation, there are those who don’t like stability of South Sudan. They make sure that people are confused and divided along tribal lines and they benefit. Most of the youth have joined tribalism, at the end their mothers, women and elderly people are the ones to suffer.

A suffering that is caused by senseless war, what would they say when asked why are they supporting their tribes and segregating the rest tribes of South Sudan? It is in the minds that for one to be a politician or a public figure you must defend elderly politicians and tribesmen whether they are wrong or right they always be respected, valued and given a big share of power of resources. This is why the hatred and tribalism will not be erased in a short period. It will take years to change the mindsets of people to leave their beliefs they inherited from their clans and tribes.

There is no one who receives tribal allowances, this means whether your uncles, aunties or the communities are in National leadership, you cannot expect to be employed or given some money without working for it. Whether they are wealthy or powerful figures living a leisure life, their communities are not all living good life. It doesn’t mean if their clan-mates, tribe-mates or communities members are rich they are also rich.

Sometimes those who have leaders from the communities in the national level are the most vulnerable people suffering because they are always forgotten or knowingly segregated thinking that their livelihood is good. Most of the opportunities in the country are open for people who are thought to have no representatives in the Government.  It is our role as citizens to understand that life is not fair to all of us. It needs to cooperate and share opportunities equally as brothers and sisters without isolating others thinking that they are benefiting from country’s resources because they have leaders who come from their communities. We are all citizens struggling with hard life, but no one is given tribal allowances or incentives.

There is no single person or group of people who receives money from the government because of being a member of a certain tribe or community. So many times, I came across insults and criticism that certain people are living a better life because those in power are from their tribes or communities. I am not saying this point out of sense or without a reason behind. I only want to remind people who don’t understand what a civilized person does. A civilized person focuses on the characters of each individual without targeting and abusing the backgrounds where they came from.

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