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What causes misunderstanding?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

There are many reasons that may lead to misunderstanding between two or group of people. It could be in the family between husband and wife, children and parents, children of the same father but different mothers, people of the same clan and so many others to be mentioned. In groups, it could be between two different institutions or many that have common goals to achieve.

 Yesterday there was story published in the newspapers saying that South Sudan National Police Service (SSNPS} accused the Sudan Peoples Defense Forces (SSPDF} of breaking into a police station and forcefully released four of their colleagues who have been arrested sometimes back.

That forceful releasing  caused misunderstanding between the two institutions. I am sure if the releasing was done in a peaceful manner, there would have been no problems. We need to practice good ways of doing things. Violence cannot help us; such release had not happened with SSNPS, there were many people released by force at detention stations.

Somebody can do something wrong,  he or she  was taken to police station or detained in one of the stations , his relative with high  rank  will come and give  an order for the release of the person. And revenge killing continues which result to numbers of people killed.

It is unbecoming such scenarios practiced among lawful people who were supposed to do the right thing as an example to citizens. The above mentioned two forces are institutions working under the law in the country, doing wrong things by them means violation of law. If the law is violated, it reduces the standard of law in the country.  Thus, it is important to know how to resolve problems in amicable manner. Therefore, let us not take law into our hands, better to follow it.

May God bless us all.

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