What causes delay of salaries?

In the context of service delivery to the public, the Government of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) is somehow not getting a lot of blames and criticism from the public. But in the field of payment of salaries to civil servants and improvement of salary structure, the government is doing a lot of blunder. In some years back before the conflict between the SPLM/IO led by Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir erupted in 2013, the salaries of civil servants in the government institution used to be paid on time without delay. But currently the story is different. Things have changed to bad instead of good. Politics have changed badly because the ruling party is not doing enough to deal with greed, tribalism and corruption. Tribalism and greed is destroying the economic stability and the culture of unity which many people in the country prefer. Tribalism and greed has contributed in fueling our internal problems. Our internal problems could easily be contained if there is love for nationalism by commitment and unification of fruitful ideas. The ruling party has allowed the culture of greed and tribalism.  This culture has affected the system. It left the system divided and functioning without any limit.  Personal gains with public funds have made a lot of economic damages. It has destroyed the hope of building a strong economy with an effort of investing in agriculture and so forth.  Personal gains have brought a lot of troubles to our economic stability. It has left the matter of hopping for peace, stability, unity, justice and coexistence in question where its answers are realistically easy to find. No one cares about the cry and unbearable economic situation facing the lives of the people in the country.

The leadership in the parliament, the judiciary and the executive should work together to solve the problems connected to delay of salaries.  The shape of our economy is not encouraging and not favoring many people in the country due to many aspects such as the high rate of inflation in the market and devaluation of the local currency against the United States (US) dollars.  Up to today, despite the economic dubiety, the government is failing to seek for alternative that will end the issue of delay of salaries of its employees. Till the month of June the government did not pay the civil servants for three months now. Employees in some states have gone for four months without salaries. The previous system of paying salaries on time in those remarkable years no longer exists. A lot of complains remains in the hearts of many people for the reason of the delay on salaries payment. If questions are ton be asked about the cause of delay on the payment of salaries, no proper or clear answer will come out from any authority in the government. Some would say the drop in oil prices in the market has affected the economy. Others would rush to say the conflict and reduction of oil production and non-oil revenue has contributed to the economic problem facing the country. But will that convince? Is it comprehensively true?

I am very sure that the case of less income generation on non-oil revenues which include taxation and drop on production of oil won’t affect the payment of salaries on time. There is still a game of mismanagement of public funds and corruption.

If the little revenue that the country gets is managed properly, then the delay on payment of salaries will not continue.  Things need to be formulated and adjusted in a right manner. Much adjustment is needed. There is still existence of unnecessary expenditure by the government.  This should be cut immediately so that more money could be saved to pay people on time.

By Omuno M. Otto


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