Cracks emerged among top parliamentarian this week with fingers pointing at each section of the representatives of the people in the August House for not living to the expectation of the public. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Peter Bashir Gbandi while addressing political parties’ leaders this week challenged parliamentarians for not living up to their mandates of oversight and accountability to ensure democracy and good governance in the country. This can be said to be honest truth from the Minister’s heart and a cause which needs to be given prominence in the administration of justice and coherent to the country. But wait until the chief whip, Gabriel Roric Jur, talked, he told the meetings that all parliamentarians were committed to their work and pointed a finger at Cabinet Ministers whom he said were a ride train and not doing their work as required by the country’s laws. His words were very clear; the Ministers are not turning up whenever they are summoned by parliament to present achievements by their dockets unless they are doing so when budgets by their ministries are on the floor and only for more money. This is a naked telling truth if it so happened like the chief whip laid it on the ground. But one thing then came out clear among the two legislators; there is no coordination and collective responsibility between the cabinet and the MPs. In short the right hand does not know what the left is doing which is very detrimental to the development of a Nation from the elected representatives. There must be accountability for the work being done by them on behalf of the general public. For the two attending one sitting in one place to come out with double edge representation is really wanting and a sad one for that. Where is the collective responsibility in the service delivery to the people under one Government?


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


God forgive, l have been able to talk out my senior on not publishing anything bordering on the promotion of tribal or ethnicity whether in paid up advertisement or editorial. We are going out of this because of the continued accusation from one group to the other, more so seen, as incitement to the public or against this or that community. These stories and advertisements might encourage animosity among the communities living together. This is our stand with or without intimidation from in or outside. We have washed our hand out of these miseries of the so called news sources which do not add values to our well-being or operations. We have one issue which must be brought to rest and a solution found by them and themselves. This is called Gogrial. Whatever is going on in this State has to be handled by the State and the National Government where necessary for appropriate measures to be put in place. Whether the State or the many youth associations, civil societies or whatever group. The pointer is someone does not like someone and we cannot be in the forefront of making judgement for them. It needs the likes of Edmund Yakani of CEPO or Merekaji Lona of SUDEMOP who are limping to the end of their service to the public towards slumber land. Yakani who and where all hopes lied as a great civil society advocator is already turning out to be a “congratulatory message sender” going by recent happenings. My Friend SaTP was so full of unforgiving for Yakani who is his longtime friend following the latest trend and direction he was taking to congratulate almost anything and everything announced.Yakani this is not your line and home you are the hope of the public don’t get entangled in this line of thought or action. This is the message from our friend SaTP

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