What are we going to expect from nominees for EALA?

It is reported that the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) has submitted the list of the candidates for the appointment of members for the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA). Before a proper comprehensive and fair selection for the nomination was made, the ruling party had singly passed the names of candidates who would represent South Sudan as the first honorable members in the EALA. But lucky enough the committee from EALA rejected the names of the nominee after a certain South Sudanese lawyer in Kenya accused the government about the selection criteria. See how messy our politics is. With the current civilization most of the countries in Africa which are struggling to achieve democracy are realizing that the system of inclusiveness is better than short sight complicated political projects.  But in South Sudan our journey to achieve and to be a democratic nation is still very far away. We don’t know whether the current political operators in the system will take us there. The reason is because politics is being interrupted by tribalism. There are some cliques in the system busy engaging in tribalism for political purpose(s) so that they will keep on mismanaging public funds and so forth. I even doubt whether we are going to reach a level of democracy that will put the system in place and order.

Do the nominees from the country know what they are going to do in EALA? Are they going with a mind free from the muddy politics? Will they campaign seriously to rescue South Sudan from a total economic collapse by telling EALA the nation is in urgent need of support?  If they are going to promote the agenda of the government alone without the interest of the public as a top priority, then there joining of the EALA will be of a less value.

The proposed upcoming South Sudanese who will soon join the EALA should leave aside what will not help our country and carry on something that will solve the economic crisis in the country as well as the political instability.

I felt proud when the latest list of the names of the candidates who would join the EALA is a little bit fair and inclusive. Some of the candidates are young and energetic and with more advice, the may do better in favor of peace and stability in South Sudan. If they are going to sit and talk about issues that will solve economic disaster in the country, the economic situation will progress.  The nominees for EALA should speak out. They should address the economic and political situation properly. They should ask for support from the members of EALA. I believe the members of EALA should seek for a solution to end the crisis in the country because the executive committee from all the East African community is not doing much. Recently they visited South Sudan, and they ended up with some unfavorable proposals.

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