Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

The scene caused by coronavirus is so much and too much that since its outbreak a number of institutions, both private and public have and continued to donate different items to assist in the fight against the dreaded virus. This weekend the RAM Media, South Sudan Red Cross and CNPC donated to the government through the Ministry of Health. Indeed from the time of the outbreak, the total amount and items donated have not been made public, sending some rumour mongers whose time are spent in the rumour dens to come up with so many unconfirmed and un-substantiated  “bush fires” which normal create mistrust and doubt in the minds of those with goodwill to give out. The three companies came out and played their parts just like others before them and those yet to come forward with their donation. Indeed the National Taskforce need to come out and tell the country and the general public where they are and what they have received as donation in items and cash. The committee should not sit back and let rumours spoil or damage the image of the good work they are doing to save the country from COVID-19. The team should be given a chance though since they were fighting unknown enemy whose cure or vaccine silence can mean yes or no. For the committee to come out of the den of the devil’s workshop or idle minds, they have the duty and responsibility to tell the public the truth and leave no room for any speculations as it is now. So many theories are being advanced left and right may be without foundation, but it is common knowledge that where there is smoke there must be fire. The fire needs to be put off or out so that the smoke would not be seen. Still the country must accept to support the cause of the committee in fighting the virus. Still people must maintain the preventive and protective measures issued by the government. It is sad to see many people who continue to violate these measures. It is for our own good that we protect ourselves as directed because the larger population are not medics and without following the medics order on coronavirus, the population stand to be seriously affected. It needs understanding and collectivity to move forward to safety which totally rest on each individual. The choices to stay safe and healthy are your own and only if the measures put in place are adequately complied with. Coronavirus pandemic is a global threat and a disaster. Many medical experts are in the cooking pot trying to get to the bottom of finding out what is this thing, which is killing at an alarming speed is all about. Since the outbreak late last year, no cure has been positively found or identified. It is only the almighty who is in control of the world’s situation. It is not hanging on human being’s hand. Let there be peace, let there be cure for coronavirus. And let there be stoppage of rumours who are to misguide the minds of the citizens.  

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