What are the police doing?

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

It is at the brink of becoming a good norm and practice-gang robbery. On every street and corner, if just as I, once gang robbed, people always expect a robber’s appearance and their inhuman action. Probably, this makes an estimate of sixty percent of the young population robbers- those whose work in this city lies in forceful or mysterious draining of others’ pockets, grabbing phones or other times, claiming lives. But, at my and your capacity, what do I do? If not just protecting myself and property, though it proves a difficulty, what else do I have to contribute towards halting of this bad practice? Surely, nothing. I, constantly keep consoling myself-to wait immensely pays. This is the belief, but then, one would ask, what is to be waited for and from who? This is the information that this opinion article stands to crack open for you.

Before we get to it, we have to know that God created us and he still cares for and protects us. From the beginning, he knew that gang robbery and beyond would come, he tackled this though unrealized and being misused by man. He brought the government. I have made the earth, the man and the beast that [ are] upon the ground, by my great power and by my outstretched arm, and have given it unto whom it seemed meet unto me, the lord says in Jeremiah chapter 27 verse number 5. Somewhere and somewhen, our creator is mandating someone to keep maintaining law, order, peace and prosperity among his creatures. The government through the police suits the personality of this mandated kind of person. The people who should keep law and order are the police. Rampant gang robbery is though, an indication that it is not doing its duty. So, what is the police doing?

Certainly, one would wonder seeing this question but remember there is an otherwise of the supposedly duty of the law implementers. Contracting is their ever presence on streets and everywhere. It shows that there is untold duty of the police to the public. And if so, the public needs an awareness of this new development. The time I was robbed, the police center in the area was seeing but thought less to rescue. In fact they laughed at and blamed me for never being vigilant enough to see them from a far. They never understood that I am meant to be free and act out things with ease and total freedom. Theirs is the duty, to make this freedom come to live and realization. It is a divine duty and they have to know this. Our president also tells them whenever, the police leaders are appointed. Their vows during the swearing in, they should not forget.

Perhaps, the police have to first know who they are to God and to the people they ought to serve. Important as they are, it is unbelievable that somewhen, they tend to act the otherwise. Their new work is less vital saying but they have to know that what duty God through the state laws has given to them is not editable and worth changing. Police should do it the way it is told in the constitution.

The otherwise, is deemed a corruption and a feeling that from the vulnerable, the powerful [the police] have to exploit and dirtily get riches out them. It is true keeping the law and order involves punishment but why allowing crimes first to be committed?

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