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What are the causes of divorce (part one}?

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

This question should have many answers from different people in various places. The problems of break out marriages is universal, it depends on how each country handles it and what the laws said about divorce. On the other hand is better to know the root causes of divorce. Is there similarity in Africa and European countries?  What is common and the way forward to reduce divorce.

 In South Sudan there are many reasons causing divorces, the issue of early and forced marriages are common indifferent communities. Such marriages were not designed by the two partners; in most cases girls who are forced to get marriage in early ages with men who were not their choices. As a result, it would end up separation in the court or at the family level. Sometimes the girls get pregnant in the process of engagement without preparing themselves. When times comes to be together with the manwho may also not be prepared, it would end-up in divorce.

The other reason could be lack of income in the family, it is difficult for them to sustain a living,and for example the economic crisis in the countrywhere everything is expensive in the market. A woman who is jobless and not educated, will find it difficult to live. It is the same situation with the man who is still studying or jobless. Such kinds of families are many in South Sudan.

If you move on the streets, you would find a young girls carrying a baby produced with man not of her choice or by mistake because she never meant to become pregnant or a mother. She would live with frustration throughout her life, if there is no body to stands with her, it would end in separation.  Lack of understanding in the family, and if expectation of the other partner was not met it could lead to divorce.

 There are many other reasons a part from what are mentioned above that could be consider for divorce. What could be the way forward is the most important thing for us to know. Both girls and boys should be educated in order to overcome obstacles in marriage.  Both should have a choice of getting partners and get married with a person he or she loves.

There should be laws that guide divorce and give right of everybody in marriage. However, in Christians’ views, divorce is not allowed, especially if the marriage was conducted in church.

All the above mentioned reasons are common in our communities which need to be brought to a stop..

May God bless us all.

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