Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

On Thursday l joined my friends in celebrating the annual Eid-al-Fitr although l am not a Muslim, l have many friends on this side of the world. The celebration took us beyond 4 am yesterday morning and was clear that some of us who must report to work had to be in our workplaces. We are well informed that media falls under the category of essential and emergency services and with this in my oblongata l had no choice come morning but to wade through with sleepy eyes to the office. Late as it is l had sworn never to take my word for granted. My boss was already in the office and as much as they say, the early bird catches the worm, her surprise to see me come to the office late was noticeable because she was always aware that l was the first one in the office every day. This aside l was wondering to what the others who might be in our category of work and who had partied with me could be doing. I hate excuses and l hate taking my work for granted. There are a number of young people who would do anything to get permission if they were involved in partying like me. Worse still it was a holiday and it also rained. What a good excuse not to come to work. At times l do tell some of my colleagues that the best one should have is to limit excuses and do good to your employer as long as you have agreed and remained to serve them. I have always told them that one must give enough allowance to reach a destination. If you have to reach somewhere for an appointment at 7.00 am you should not wait until that time to start your journey. You should do it well before the time and have at least five minutes to approach your appointment or meet your host. There are a number of people who do not take such initiatives and wait until the exact time to start the journey. Even in this profession, there are colleagues who would wait until the last minute to take off for a well scheduled press conference or meeting. When we were growing in the profession it was the opposite. We could go for the newsmaker for a scheduled appointment five minutes earlier and give the news maker ten minutes and if there is no excuse, trust me the newsmaker will find the hall empty because we did not want to be seen as idle minds without something to do. It was against the professional ethic to wait indefinitely for the newsmaker for an appointed time unless some excuses or information of change of the schedule was given early enough. This culture of walking off the newsmaker makes them keep time and to the point bring some respects to the scribes the world-over. It is a lesson that should be adopted and put into practice for some semblance of respect to be maintained.

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