Western Lakes State Governor hailed for upholding peace

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The community of Western Lakes State has hailed Governor Maj Gen. Mahmoud Solomon for upholding the relatively prevailing peace within the State.

This comes after the Governor announced a ban on unauthorized firearms along highways of the State’s Estern Bahr Naam County.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Monday, County Commissioner Wugol Majak Ater said communities within the County are demonstrating high level of corporation with authorities, a remarkable development contributing to peace prevalence.

Meanwhile, Majok Chol, a Gelweng youth leader said the community is equally peaceful because communal fighting has ceased.

“The community is peaceful and continue to enjoy peace because fighting has stopped. Fighting one another has no useful benefit but death and endless suffering of our mothers and fathers as well as destruction of resources. It also destroys both human lives and properties,” said Chol.

Ater congratulated Gelweng youth and traditional leaders, particularly the chiefs for implementing South Sudan’s national norm of embracing peace and harmony.

The Commissioner encouraged other communities of Western Lakes State and neighboring States to take good example by implementing the same initiative.

Ater described peaceful coexistence of the community as the only solution to achieve development saying, a peaceful community is a community that can think positively.

The Commissioner recommended essential role SSPDF played in helping security agencies to uphold the peace in Eastern Bhar Naam County.

Ater applauded Western Lakes State governor Maj Gen Mahmoud Solomon for banning carrying of unauthorized firearms along the highways and around towns.

This, according to the Commissioner has led to a tremendous reduction in crimes such as night robbery and other arm-induced crimes.

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